How it Works

Positive reinforcement

Everyone loves positive reinforcement. As a matter of fact, one study asked employees what reward they would want the most for a job well done: pizza, a compliment from their boss, or a cash bonus. Surprisingly, employees wanted compliments and pizza before they desired the cash bonus. (LINK) This small study shows that positive reinforcement is not only incredibly useful, (the promise of a compliment increased productivity by 6.6%) but it was also the most desired by the employees overall. Now, think about how this translates into managing your kiddos. A positive letter of encouragement is an excellent motivator that breeds more positivity, confidence, and long term good behavior. Plus everyone needs a dose of magic!


Sticker charts

Research suggests that creating and adhering to a sticker chart helps to teach kids responsibility, perseverance, and patience. They’re best used as a short term teaching tool that can help children get into a habit that will then turn into a long term skill. (LINK) The Kid Fairy’s personalized letters of encouragement and reward charts are a fabulous and fun way to help kids struggling with obstacles such as potty training, sharing, staying in bed or trying new foods.


Children get a sticker for each time a positive behavior is seen. After a certain number of positive behaviors (we suggest 3 or 4), the child receives a reward. Ideally, the parent and the child would decide on rewards the together. This helps your child become more motivated and driven towards a goal. Rewards can be tangible like -a toy or a special meal- or intangible like a day out fishing with dad or extra time cuddling and reading books with mom. Despite being more time consuming, we suggest that the majority of rewards be intangible as this teaches children that giving positive and desirable behaviors leads to getting positive behaviors in return. It’s a lesson that teaches kids to be compassionate, and emotionally intelligent adults.


Some parents worry that once a child gets accustomed to positive reinforcement sticker charts, they’ll want to be rewarded for everything they do. Thankfully, this isn’t a concern when the charts come from Kid Fairy Headquarters; your child will associate the reward system with the Kid Fairy and not with you or your desire for them to perform specific activities outside of those requested from the sticker charts. The Kid Fairy will help you reinforce positive behaviors in your child without teaching them that everything you ask them to do will result in a reward.